Girl: Kiss your partner.
Jared: Who?
Girl: Him.
Peter: Me?
Jared: Where?
Girl: On the mouth.
Peter: Dodgers tickets.
Jared: Fine.
Peter: Okay. Give me a second. Yeah. Ready?
Jared: Yeah.
Peter: Go the other way.
[both stammering]
Jared: You got a big head. Just…that way.
Peter: Okay, just don’t close your eyes. Don’t close your eyes.
Jared: I’m not.
Peter: Look me in the eyes.
Jared: Why do you want me to look you in the eyes?
Peter: ‘Cause it’s…just look me…Don’t close your eyes.
Jared: Okay. I…
Peter: Just grab it and do it. Okay.
Jared: All right.
Girl: Still can’t fit you in for Friday night.
Jared: What?! You just made…You made me kiss him.
Peter: Come on. Was it that bad?
Jared: It was fine. That’s not the point.

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